Seamen's Provident Fund Organisation

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Seamen's Provident Fund Organisation


a) To protect financial interests of seamen by ensuring recovery of
     statutory dues i.e. employers and members contributions from
     Shipping Companies and RPS Agents.

b) To levy penal charges (damages) for delay in remittances and
      recovering the same from defaulters under Seamen’s Provident
      Fund Act, 1966 and Seamen’s Provident Fund Scheme, 1966.

c) To provide timely help to the seamen by way of Non-Refundable
     Withdrawal from Provident Fund for (i) continued un-employement
     (ii) medical expenses of self and family members (iii) marriage of
     family members and self (iv) higher education of family members
    (v) construction of house or purchase of flat.

d) To settle the claims of members on retirement/cessation of sea
     service and claims of nominee or legal heirs in case of death.


To Provide for an institution of a Provident Fund to the Seamen as an old age retirement benefit to them and to their family members in the event of death.